We're Bloomfield Photography...

We launched Bloomfield Photography Ltd in 2015 after nearly ten years of freelance photography mixed with fashion dressing, journalism and blogging. We started with a vision of combining our knowledge and skills together as a business. We have diverse creative skill areas which makes our business unique within the wedding photography industry. Take a read and get to know us a bit, then feel free to get in touch - we'd love to hear about your wedding day!

About Sam
Sam is your main photographer; he comes from a long line of family artists and photographers. He has graduated from three universities with a degree in Documentary Photography from the renowned Newport course. Sam was fortunate enough to have been tutored by some of the biggest names in modern photography and his love of the artistry of photography has never been lost. Sam's work has been published nationally and internationally in several national newspapers, international publications and his work for Russell & Bromley was published by Vogue UK online. His personal and commission editorial work can be seen at samuelbloomfield.com. Sam loves seafood, coffee, travelling, attempting to speak other languages, driving vintage cars, brutalist architecture and being near the sea.

About Helen
Helen is our Creative Director and details photographer; receiving her First Class Honours degree in Fashion Promotion and Imagery accompanied by a HND in Graphic Design, Set Design and Photography from The University of Creative Arts, Surrey.  Helen's styling work has been on display at the world renowned Selfridges & Co. London window displays for women's designer wear. Helen has worked as the online fashion photographer and blogger for ITVs 'This Morning' photographing Holly Willoughby's outfits and styling many other known celebrities, later working as a set designer for ASOS, The Times and others publications. This creative attention to detail is what Helen brings into her compositions. Helen loves nothing more than working on fresh ideas and detailed shots to create an individual look for your wedding or photoshoot. Helen likes conversing, file-o-fax diaries, dining on the beach and a night time series binge on Netflix.

How we work
We work as a team with Sam as your lead photographer capturing you and those you love whilst Helen fulfils her creative director and photographer role capturing the finer details that make your wedding uniquely yours.

Helen's background is in design and dressing and so Helen will organise and arrange flowers, the bride's dress and many other things throughout the day allowing Sam to photograph seamlessly whilst your bouquets are expertly composed by Helen. We work with kindness, integrity and professionalism before, throughout and after your day. 

We describe our style as natural, emotive, documentary photography that uses subtle guidance to help where needed, we want to tell the story of your day.

Our portfolio of work and recent weddings can be viewed here and if you would like to find out more about how we work then please do get in touch via info@bloomfieldphoto.com and we will happily arrange a meeting or a chat online.

More Information & FAQ’s

How long does it take to get my wedding photos? 
We try to have everything turned around within three to six weeks.

How will I receive my images and what is included in your prices? 
All clients will receive an online gallery of images. We include high resolution images that are ready to print and smaller images that are ready for social media. 

How do you edit our photos?
As you can see from our website, we tend to keep things as real as we can. All images are balanced and tonally graded in Adobe Lightroom CC and if any additional work is required in Photoshop then we get to work. We don’t ‘over Photoshop’ our images, we like to be realistic yet flattering at all times. We tend to avoid 'filters' (think Instagram) which will date your photos in time, we aim for artistic, timeless, documentary styles.

How do we secure you as our wedding photographers?
We take a set £250/€280 deposit to secure your day. You will receive an emailed receipt for the deposit and an invoice for the full amount due one month before your wedding date.

What sets you apart in your processes? 
We take pride in everything that we do and complete all of our work in house. We meet you and get to know you, we edit our own photos and take pride in every stage of this. We don’t rush and will spend at least 20 hours of editing time per wedding. We believe that our attention to detail is one of the many things that make us the business that we are. Every image is tweaked to meet our branding style and standards. You will receive  We don’t overbook ourselves allowing time for quality work to take place, you will never share your wedding day with another couple - we will only take on one wedding per day. Sam has trained in using the Adobe suite working for studios and has been involved with Adobe education in schools and universities. Helen studied graphic design and imagery so both of us have an astute eye for detail and are highly qualified and experienced in image editing; a claim few businesses can match. 

How far will you travel?
At Bloomfield Photography we are based in the UK and Spain, but we will gladly work further afield on request. We try to keep all of our transport and accommodation costs to a minimum. Wherever possible we do not charge for travel. Any additional expenses would be agreed between us and you during the booking process.

We don’t live in the same country; how will we meet?
We work mainly in the Southern England and Southern Spain and travel between them regularly; so wherever you are based, we will try and meet you. 

What happens when we meet?
We offer a pre-wedding consultation included in our price. This is an in person meeting where we discuss your day and get a real feel for how your wedding will run. This is not our only contact regarding this but gives us a real insight into you both as a couple. We also provide you both with information on what can be done to allow us to get the best possible photos of your day. All of this is followed up with our detailed online information capture forms and can even be followed up with Skype or telephone conversations about any changes or thoughts you may have nearer the date. 

Our wedding is a long distance from you; how will you find out the best locations at our venue to take the best photos? 
Before we visit any venue we research it; we check their website, Google, Instagram and put together as many ideas as we can about your day. We contact the venue manager and get further information. If we are able to visit the location before the day we will do so, if we are not able to pre-visit the venue then on the morning of the wedding we will complete an early visit, putting together any final ideas. The night before we will have checked the weather and how this may affect the light. This along with the information we receive from yourselves about the venue gives us great insight into how to best capture your day. We will even check what time the sun sets so we can make the most of the available light into the evening of your day.

What if I want to alter your coverage or style?
We can stay for as long or as little as required. In terms of our style; we can shoot 100% documentary or push for a far more editorial aesthetic, the choice is yours but being open and clear with us is very important for all parties involved. We ask all our couples to fill in our online 'detailed wedding capture form' in our client area four weeks prior to allow us to understand your days plans and photographic requirements.

What equipment do you use and will my photos be safe? 
The cameras and equipment we use are maintained, monitored and replaced regularly; we will have at least 3 professional cameras on us incase of any problems. We generally use Nikon FX cameras but have started using mirrorless cameras too. All memory cards used are professional quality and your photographs will be backed up in at least 3 places within 48 hours of your wedding. 

Are you insured? 
Yes - we hope to never have to use it, but it is there for everyone’s peace of mind. Our standard liability and indemnity insurance policies cover us across the UK, EU and EEC countries. 

 Mina and Luke July 2017

Mina and Luke July 2017