How to get the wedding venue of your dreams and memories that last a lifetime

By Helen Bloomfield

We recently wrote a blog on how to find the perfect wedding photographer for you. Now it's time to see how you can get the most out of every penny you spend and make the day personal and true to you both.

We believe that by making a few clever decisions you can not only get more bang for your buck, but get the venue of your dreams, the dress you always wanted and help get you the team who will capture those memories for a lifetime.

Serve Italian bubbles!
Swapping Champagne for Prosecco will make a huge difference to your drinks budget. The biggest reasons prosecco costs less than Champagne are...

1. The production process is modern and more efficient.
2. The branding! Prosecco is from Italy, but Champagne is from a small protected region of France where fewer grapes can grow and fermentation takes at least three years.

Whilst they do taste slightly different, not many people will notice. Your guests will be too busy giving cheers to you the new Mr. & Mrs.

You could also use prosecco to make cocktails like Bellini or this summer’s star drink Aperol Spritz!

If you are serving beers and cider, consider contacting a local brewery and try and grab some bargain local ale with almost no transportation cost.

Create a portable floral display
Rather than decorating both your ceremony room and your reception room with different flowers, have your florist design a spread that can work across both rooms. When the guests are enjoying their bubbles outside, the flowers can be moved from room to room, saving you a huge chunk of money! Staff at venues know how to make this look effortless and almost unnoticeable.

High-street Heels
You may be imagining the perfect dress, the perfect jewellery, the perfect designer heels… well let us stop you there. Is your dress full length? Will your shoes be hidden the whole day?

If your answer is yes and yes again then you can save money and swap designer shoes for a high end high-street pair. I did exactly this for my wedding and not only was I more comfortable, I knew that the few glimpses of my Russell and Bromley shoes still looked great!

Consider the 'off season' wedding
Considering a wedding ‘off season’ will not only add a pretty twist to the day in the styling of Winter and Autumn, but it is also considerably cheaper. We married in the cold month of December and had a lovely white, winter themed wedding with snow flakes, winter flowers and faux fur shawls to match.

Or maybe go for that weekday wedding?
Many venues cut their prices drastically on the less popular midweek days. You can save huge amounts of money by having a weekday wedding. Just send out your save the date cards nice and early for your guests to make arrangements for time off work!

Your carriage awaits you
If your ceremony and reception are at the same venue then do you really need to hire that Rolls Royce? Whilst it would be lovely to travel to the ceremony in style, as you will not be needing transportation to the reception, no one else will even get to see the car as they wait for your arrival down the aisle.

If you do have two venues; have a friend with a quirky old classic or relative with a shiny new car drive you instead. No one will be any the wiser and people often love being a part of your big day. An old mini or MG make for great wedding photos.

The wedding suit
Many grooms, groomsmen and ushers will fancy a tailored suit for their day. Did you know that companies such as Suit Supply use some of the finest materials available to any tailor yet adjust a range of sizes – you would struggle to tell it apart from a hand made suit once their made to measure adjustments have taken place. This tip comes highly recommended and often costs little more than renting a good suit, but avoids baggy rented suit trouser legs.

Embrace the home made!
It’s trendy to be inventive and everyone loves a personal touch. Making your own wedding stationary, arrangements and favours will save you money and they will look stylish. Rope in those bridesmaids and groomsmen to help you too! We love to photograph the small personal details that make the day YOUR day.

That includes the cake too!
Wedding cakes can be very expensive. Why not ask your keen baker friends to bring their home-made cakes and put out a desert table. We did a Great British Bake Off theme amongst a few close friends at our wedding and not only did our friends enjoy being included in the prep for the day but it even got a little competitive! It was a touch that we have never forgotten and have remain grateful for ever since.

By being personal, unique and inventive in your touches and choices you will free up a few valuable pennies to get things like the venue of your dreams, it will mean that you will not have to miss out on your desired photographer.

You may have noticed that nearly all of these tips will improve your wedding photos too! Make sure the memories of your special day last forever with wedding photos that you are delighted with and will treasure. Get in touch with us today and make us your trusted wedding photographers.

Questions we get asked about Bloomfield Wedding Photography

We cover weddings across the UK and Spain and are moving into the destination wedding field.

Choosing your wedding photographer is a BIG decision so we hope this will help you see the attention to detail that we provide at Bloomfield Wedding Photography.

How far will you travel?

At Bloomfield Photography we would travel to worldwide for a beautiful wedding, but are mainly based in Europe. We try to keep all of our transport and accommodation costs to a minimum. Wherever possible we don’t charge for travel unless we have to.


Are you insured? 

Yes - we hope to never have to use it, but it is there for everyone’s peace of mind. Our liability and indemnity insurance policies cover us across the UK, EU and EEC countries.


What training do you have?

Sam has a degree in Documentary Photography and qualifications in lens based media and art and design. Helen has a degree in Fashion Promotion and Imagery


We don’t live in the same country; how will we meet?

We work mainly in the UK and Spain however we are on planes at least 8 times a year so wherever you are based, we will try and meet you. We are now advertising across Europe so please don’t think that being in Norway is a barrier. If for some reason that is impossible we will at the very least talk on Skype as well as emails and telephone calls.

Our Wedding is a long distance from you; how will you find out the best locations to take photos? 

Before we visit any venue whether in person or a venue a great distance away we Google it! This may sound obvious but you look at the venues website, you find other photographers who have worked there, we check instagram and put together as many ideas as we can about your day. If we are able to visit the location before the day we will of course do that. If we are not able to pre-visit then on the day of the wedding we will visit the venue (if possible) and put together final ideas. The night before we check the weather,  the topographical references nearby and how this may affect the light. This along with the information we receive from the couple about the venue gives us great insight into how to best capture your day.


How long does it take to get my wedding photos? 

We try to have everything turned around within two weeks, less if possible.


What if I want to alter your coverage or style?

We can stay for as long or as little as required. In terms of our style; we can shoot 100% documentary or push for a far more editorial aesthetic, the choice is yours but being open and clear with us is very useful for all parties involved. Unless you specify otherwise


What equipment do you use and will my photos be safe? 

The cameras we use see a lot of use and change fairly regularly but we will have at least 3 professional cameras on us incase of any problems. We generally use Nikon FX cameras but have started using mirrorless cameras too. All memory cards used are professional quality and your photographs will be backed up in at least 3 places within 24 hours of your wedding. All cameras and equipment is maintained and monitored. 


How do you edit our photos?

As you can see from our website, we tend to keep things as real as we can. All images are balanced and tonally graded in Adobe Lightroom CC and if any additional work is required in photoshop then we get to work. We don’t ‘over photoshop’ our images, we like to be realistic yet flattering at all times. We tend to avoid filters which will date your photos in time. If you would like something different, then please let us know.


How will I receive my images? 

All clients will receive an online gallery of images. Certain packages we provide will also include a branded USB stick with images on. We strongly recommend that you backup all of your photos online.


What sets you apart in your processes? 

We take pride in everything that we do and do as much of it in house as is possible; we meet you and get to know you, we edit our own photos and take pride in every stage of this. We don’t rush and will spend on average 10-15 hours of editing time per wedding. We believe that our attention to detail is one of the many things that make us the caring business that we are. We also don’t overbook ourselves allowing time for quality work to take place as opposed to taking every booking that comes our way.

5 Apps to help plan your wedding

Say goodbye to those old spread sheets and hello to technology!

No matter what stage of planning your wedding you are at, these are our top apps to help you stay organised and stress free.

This handy app pretty much has everything you need in one place; to do lists, seating arrangements, you name it, it’s probably got it.

It also has a pre-loaded task list to make sure you don’t forget anything, which you can add to and remove items from. Not everyone will want to ‘send wedding cake to people who couldn’t attend’ of course.

It also has a budgeting section. Input your wedding budget and it will break down how you may expect to spend the money.

Appy Couple
Taking the prize for the best wedding related app name is Appy Couple!

This cute app is for staying in contact with your wedding guests. Here you can create a beautiful website with all the information for your big day, including directions, accommodation and RSVPs.

The app also allows you and your guests to upload and share photos with each other although it is a little pricey at £25.

This UK based wedding planner app has been put together after consulting the 54,000 users that were active on their site at the time. They asked them what tools they would like in the app to help them plan their wedding and voila, here is the result!

The app has 4 main areas; budget, guests, to do and suppliers. There are currently around 20,000 suppliers but this is sure to grow as the app becomes more popular.

The Knot Look Book
This app has 8,000 of the latest wedding dresses currently available to buy that you can spend time scrolling through to your hearts content. You can search by cut, fabric style, budget etc.

Unfortunately, it is an American app so you cannot ‘find a store,’ however it will help you in deciding which styles you like in advance before visiting the bridal stores saving you precious time when you are out and about!

Event Brite
If you are planning a wedding abroad and are paying for guests up front, this app is a great way of simply collecting the money back from each of them.

On this app you can set up ‘tickets’ that your guests can easily log on and buy. This is a very easy way to keep track of who has and hasn’t paid and you can even personalise the ticket designs.


There are a number of other wedding related apps, but these are our favourites for keeping everything organised and up to date.

Wedding Day Social Media Etiquette

It's time that we talk about the do's and don't of social media at a wedding. When is it ok to upload photos, when to keep out of the way, and when you should just put your phone away.

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We are growing...

2016 saw our business really take wings and we are so grateful to everyone who put their faith in our transition from commercial photographers to setting up our own family business. 

We are now in the process of launching which is a new space just for our wedding couples to visit... We hope you like it. 

We have also seen a growth in international bookings and will be spending parts of 2017 working across Italy and Spain. Whether your wedding is in the UK or any other part of the world, we would love to be there and capture your day. 

We thank our customers past, present and future for working with us and choosing us and here is to a bright 2017... :)