Social Media Etiquette

There was once a time when the only photos to come out of a wedding were those of the professional photographer and photos were only framed on walls and mantelpieces.

Nowadays, there is hardly a guest at a wedding that doesn’t have a camera on their phone nor access to any number of public social media channels.

Whilst this helps capture moments between the guests that the bridal party and official photographer would normally not see, is can still be a cause for concern with those who like to ‘over share.’ We all know one of these.

This has, however, over time started to unfold into a social media etiquette; the general rules of taking photos and sharing them on your social media channels, and WHEN.

We have had quite a lot of experience in this area, so we have made a quick list of the most important do’s and don’ts when it comes to photos and sharing at a wedding.

Here goes…

If you have been given a hashtag by the bride and groom, use it

Some tech savvy bride and grooms will tell you what hashtag they want you to use when posting photos of their big day.

Using a dedicated hashtag will help them and others, to easily search for images from their big day and track the event and bits they missed.

If they gave you one, please use it!

Respect an ‘unplugged’ request

You may be invited to a wedding that has requested that guests go ‘unplugged’ i.e. to not use their phones at the wedding. This means not taking photos and certainly no uploads!

They have invited you to enjoy their day rather than sit on your phones, or they may just not want photos of the wedding posted at all.

Respect their request and turn your phones of. Its liberating!

Don’t share a photo of the bride before the ceremony

You would be surprised how many people have been guilty of this.

The bride has spent so much time on getting her dream look, please do not ruin it by posting a photo of her before the ceremony.

If the bride is happy for you to take photos before the ceremony then feel free, but do not upload them, no matter how excited you are.

Be respectful

Weddings are notorious for guests getting a little carried away and a bit merry! Sometimes even the bride or groom!

That doesn’t mean it is ok to post a photo of the drunk guest or an unflattering photo of the bride.

Only share photos that they would want in a photo album. Anything else, keep to yourself.

Do not ‘live stream’

Just, don’t.

Enjoy the moment

Wait until after the big moments have taken place before uploading any photos. Wait until the cake has been cut before posting a photo of the cake for instance.

Better yet, wait until the next day and don’t waste time cropping, filtering and tagging. Go and grab a drink instead!

The wedding photographer will take photos, so power off and enjoy the event. 

Do not get in the way of the hired photographer

We know you are excited, but we have been paid to do a job and capture the moments that the bride and groom want so much. Reaching out with your phone often gets into our shot (our lenses are very wide!) and the flash on your camera can ruin a shot completely.

If you see us trying to set up a shot, please wait until we have finished before taking yours.

These are the main rules that we have learnt, however if you are unsure if you should upload a photo, either check with the bride or groom. To be really safe, just don’t do it at all!

So just sit back, relax, have a drink or two and enjoy the day. Leave it to us to take care of the image making.