Our FAQ's

We cover weddings across the UK and Spain as well as further afield.

Choosing your wedding photographer is a BIG decision so we hope this will help you see the attention to detail that we provide at Bloomfield Wedding Photography.

How far will you travel?
At Bloomfield Photography we would travel to worldwide for a beautiful wedding, but are mainly based in Europe. We try to keep all of our transport and accommodation costs to a minimum. Wherever possible we don’t charge for travel unless we have to.

Are you insured? 
Yes - we hope to never have to use it, but it is there for everyone’s peace of mind. Our liability and indemnity insurance policies cover us across the UK, EU and EEC countries.

What training do you have?
Sam has a degree in Documentary Photography and qualifications in lens based media and art and design. Helen has a degree in Fashion Promotion and Imagery

We don’t live in the same country; how will we meet?
We work mainly in the UK and Spain however we are on planes at least 8 times a year so wherever you are based, we will try and meet you. We are now advertising across Europe so please don’t think that being in Norway is a barrier. If for some reason that is impossible we will at the very least talk on Skype as well as emails and telephone calls.

Our Wedding is a long distance from you; how will you find out the best locations to take photos? 
Before we visit any venue whether in person or a venue a great distance away we Google it! This may sound obvious but you look at the venues website, you find other photographers who have worked there, we check Instagram and put together as many ideas as we can about your day. If we are able to visit the location before the day we will of course do that. If we are not able to pre-visit then on the day of the wedding we will visit the venue (if possible) and put together final ideas. The night before we check the weather,  the topographical references nearby and how this may affect the light. This along with the information we receive from the couple about the venue gives us great insight into how to best capture your day.

How long does it take to get my wedding photos? 
We try to have everything turned around within two weeks, less if possible.

What if I want to alter your coverage or style?
We can stay for as long or as little as required. In terms of our style; we can shoot 100% documentary or push for a far more artistic editorial aesthetic, the choice is yours but being open and clear with us is very useful for all parties involved. Unless you specify otherwise

What equipment do you use and will my photos be safe? 
The cameras we use see a lot of use and change fairly regularly but we will have at least 3 professional cameras on us incase of any problems. We generally use Nikon FX cameras but have started using mirrorless cameras too. All memory cards used are professional quality and your photographs will be backed up in at least 3 places within 24 hours of your wedding. All cameras and equipment is maintained and monitored. 

How do you edit our photos?
As you can see from our website, we tend to keep things as real as we can. All images are balanced and tonally graded in Adobe Lightroom CC and if any additional work is required in photoshop then we get to work. We don’t ‘over photoshop’ our images, we like to be realistic yet flattering at all times. We tend to avoid strong filters which will date your photos in time. 

How will I receive my images? 
All clients will receive an online password protected gallery of images followed by an online image transfer of all of your photos. We strongly recommend that you backup all of your photos online.

What sets you apart in your processes? 
We take pride in everything that we do and do as much of it in house as is possible; we meet you and get to know you, we edit our own photos and take pride in every stage of this. We don’t rush and will spend on average 10-15 hours of editing time per wedding. We believe that our attention to detail is one of the many things that make us the caring business that we are. We also don’t overbook ourselves allowing time for quality work to take place as opposed to taking every booking that comes our way.