5 Apps to help plan your wedding

Say goodbye to those old spread sheets and hello to technology!

No matter what stage of planning your wedding you are at, these are our top apps to help you stay organised and stress free.

This handy app pretty much has everything you need in one place; to do lists, seating arrangements, you name it, it’s probably got it.

It also has a pre-loaded task list to make sure you don’t forget anything, which you can add to and remove items from. Not everyone will want to ‘send wedding cake to people who couldn’t attend’ of course.

It also has a budgeting section. Input your wedding budget and it will break down how you may expect to spend the money.

Appy Couple
Taking the prize for the best wedding related app name is Appy Couple!

This cute app is for staying in contact with your wedding guests. Here you can create a beautiful website with all the information for your big day, including directions, accommodation and RSVPs.

The app also allows you and your guests to upload and share photos with each other although it is a little pricey at £25.

This UK based wedding planner app has been put together after consulting the 54,000 users that were active on their site at the time. They asked them what tools they would like in the app to help them plan their wedding and voila, here is the result!

The app has 4 main areas; budget, guests, to do and suppliers. There are currently around 20,000 suppliers but this is sure to grow as the app becomes more popular.

The Knot Look Book
This app has 8,000 of the latest wedding dresses currently available to buy that you can spend time scrolling through to your hearts content. You can search by cut, fabric style, budget etc.

Unfortunately, it is an American app so you cannot ‘find a store,’ however it will help you in deciding which styles you like in advance before visiting the bridal stores saving you precious time when you are out and about!

Event Brite
If you are planning a wedding abroad and are paying for guests up front, this app is a great way of simply collecting the money back from each of them.

On this app you can set up ‘tickets’ that your guests can easily log on and buy. This is a very easy way to keep track of who has and hasn’t paid and you can even personalise the ticket designs.


There are a number of other wedding related apps, but these are our favourites for keeping everything organised and up to date.