35mm film is different, it is imperfect, the colours are muted, the tones are softer, the images are gentler. They are a physical thing, real, organic and filled with soul. For all of the brilliance of digital imagery, it cannot reproduce the tone that film produces. Somehow or other, the portraits we love the most are the ones that come from our film cameras, they just bring the person out of the photo in a way that nothing else does.

Fortunately film is not only alive but thriving, the quality is better than it ever has been and our pro lab scans are just incredible without ever losing the quality that words cannot quite describe. We think that people in love on film is a beautiful thing, we hope that you do too.

The photos are absolutely stunning, Nina and I love them… the way they really capture the feeling of the day. We were really impressed with your professionalism and delivery of what you originally promised.
— Nina and Nicholas, B Bou Cortijo Bravo Vélez Málaga

Film photography can be added to any of our wedding day packages. You photographs will be processed by a professional lab and you will receive high resolution professional digital scans of your wedding photographs that are delivered seamlessly along with your digital images and can add them to our printed fine art albums or prints.

This ‘add on’ means that your photos will be in both film and digital. This allows us to use the unbeatable versatility of digital at key points of the day and the beautiful aesthetic of film for some of your portraits and other select moments. This intrinsic knowledge is a key part of our hybrid approach to film photography alongside digital imagery.

If you would like your entire day photographed on film please ask for a bespoke quotation.