Film photography can be added to any of our wedding day packages.

Film has recently seen a resurgence amongst photographers in recent times. The feeling and aesthetic of film is still something that digital does not quite capture.

Samuel was taught to develop film before his tenth birthday by his grandfather in the family darkroom in Central London. He later attended and graduated from the renowned Documentary Photography course at Newport (now Cardiff) where he studied exclusively using film (despite being in the digital age). He photographed his first wedding in film and digital in his final year at university in 2008.

Samuel has always photographed in both film and digital and so decided to re-introduce film into their weddings as it felt ´right´. This allows them to create the work and aesthetic that they wish to see in wedding photography. This also allows them to use the versatility of digital at key points of the day and the beautiful aesthetic of film for portraits and other select moments.

Film photography can be added to any of our wedding day packages. You photographs will be processed by a professional lab and you will receive high resolution professional digital scans of your wedding photographs that are delivered seamlessly with your digital images and can add them to our printed fine art albums or prints.

If you would like your entire day photographed on film please ask for a bespoke quotation.